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The offerings

The Villas


The sprawling, luxurious villas offer a palatial living space, which makes you feel like royalty, right in the middle of a golf course. Each of these villas feature a modern design, based on the principles of Vastu, thereby ensuring the right vibes in your living space. Design your living space, bedrooms and other spaces the way you have always visualized, in your spacious villa.

The Duplex & Penthouses


These Duplex and Penthouses have been designed to perfectly complement today's modern lifestyle. These residence options are designed to offer enough space for a luxurious lifestyle, along with architectural elements that match a modern outlook. The elegant design trends and spacious rooms ensure a luxurious lifestyle, with a chance to shape your home, the way you want.

The Apartments


These luxurious apartments feature a combination of spacious rooms with, state-of-the-art architecture and modern design. Each of these apartments represent a luxurious living space with cutting-edge architectural touches and modern design elements, representing quality living. The rooms offer enough space for you to shape them up the way you have always imagined. These apartments epitomise luxury at its best.